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National Center for Physical Acoustics
University of Mississippi

Fabrication Services

The NCPA Machine Shop offers world-class machining services, creating high performance research equipment, test apparatus, and specialized mechanical support pieces and parts.

The shop also offers repair services to campus departments for existing lab, research and other allied equipment.


Design Services

If you have an idea in mind or something sketched on a piece of paper or napkin, we can translate those concepts to a 3-D rendering.  We use 3-D modeling software, Solidworks, and engineering concepts to design parts, assemblies, and machine drawings.  With an open communication environment, you will have the ability to drive the design to meet your needs.  The scale factor can range from a building to a micro needle.  You can alter the design as many times as needed, or create multiple configurations of the same concept to optimize your idea.  Bring your ideas to 3-D, and optimize your concept using our engineering design services.


The NCPA Machine Shop rate for internal customers is $110/hour and $161/hour for external customers effective 11/9/2023.  All rates are approved by the University of Mississippi Office of Accounting.