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National Center for Physical Acoustics
University of Mississippi

BASS_2024_ Announcement




The 2024 Basic Acoustics Summer School (BASS) Program will continue into its 15th year this summer. The program was created in memory of Dr. Henry E. Bass, a physicist and acoustics researcher who led efforts to create the National Center for Physical Acoustics (NCPA) in the 1980s and served as the Center’s director from 1992 until his passing in 2008. He was a talented researcher and a gifted teacher. To date, 34 undergraduate students from various backgrounds and universities have successfully completed the BASS Summer program.



The purpose of the BASS Program is to bring undergraduate students, distinguished Research Scientists of the NCPA, and Discussion Leaders together to explore a wide variety of topics in physical acoustics and engineering. BASS will give students opportunities to be engaged in directed-research by acoustics experts, exploring topics that are not ordinarily encountered in the undergraduate experience.



The focus of the BASS Program is on intermediate and advanced undergraduate students (must have completed freshman year). A limited number of undergraduate students will be selected.



Each student will be assigned a research adviser and a research topic for the program. The student will work in the NCPA labs, attend workshops and seminars, and participate in discussion groups.



Participants will receive a $3,500 base stipend plus a $1,450 housing stipend applicable for on or off-campus. Participants have to provide their own transportation to and from The University of Mississippi.



The Program will take place June 3, 2024 to July 31, 2024.



A link to the online BASS 2023 Program application is located near the top of this website. The deadline for submission is February 29, 2024.


Please feel free to contact the program director if you have any questions or need more information.

Marni Kendricks
BASS Program Director
National Center for Physical Acoustics
The University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677-1848