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Long Range Sound Propagation (LRSP)

LRSP 10 Group Photo_Page_2The International Symposia on Long Range Sound Propagation are held every two years and allow researchers a forum to discuss recent developments in this field. They are typically held alternately between the US and Europe to accommodate the bulk of the attendees. The goals of the symposia are to exchange information on current research, identify areas needing additional work, and coordinate further research activities. The symposium usually have several sessions including topics such as Infrasound, Pulses and High Altitude Atmospheric Effects, Terrain Effects and Modeling, Meteorological Effects, Turbulence and Wind Noise. The continued growing emphasis on infrasound for monitoring and wind noise suppression marks the evolution of the field from assuming propagation in stationary stratified atmospheres and ranges to 100 meters in the early years to consideration of inhomogeneous, time varying problems and ranges up to planetary scales.

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