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National Center for Physical Acoustics
University of Mississippi

Advisor Craig Hickey with Blake Armstrong
Project: “Rayleigh Wave Attenuation Measurements in Near-Surface Soils”

NCPA Honored its Basic Acoustic Summer School Scholars

On July 30th, 2013, the National Center for Physical Acoustics honored its Basic Acoustic Summer School Scholars for their success in the annual program, designed to give STEM majoring students the opportunity to work on real world problems in a national laboratory with noted experts in the field of acoustics.

Three Ole Miss students- Blake Armstrong, a senior Civil Engineering major from Madison, MS, Carlton Tippitt, a senior also majoring in Civil Engineering from Hernando, MS, and Patrick Turbeville, a junior from Southaven majoring in Chemical Engineering- participated in the summer long intensive and hands-on program, then delivered a presentation for the research staff and scientists of NCPA.


Advisor Dan Kleinert and Carlton Tippitt
Project: “How the Capacitance of Piezoelectric Transducers are Affected by Infrasound Sensor Plate Construction”

Dr. Josh Gladden, director of NCPA and Associate Professor of Physics noted,


Patrick Turbeville (Advisor Jim Chambers not pictured)
Project: Ultrasound Measurements in Magnetic Ionic Liquids

“The Henry E. Bass Basic Acoustics Summer School (BASS) began in 2009 to honor long time Director of the National Center for Physical Acoustics (NCPA) and Distinguished Professor of Physics, Dr. Hank Bass.  The goal of the BASS program is to bring in advanced undergraduate STEM majors to work on summer research projects with faculty and scientists at the NCPA.  The types of projects available to these students reflect the broad range of scientific inquiry pursued by the NCPA and can range from surface acoustic waves along soil surfaces to optimizing low frequency acoustic wave sensors to topological phase transitions in structured viscoelastic fluids. These BASS projects regularly result in publications in professional scientific journals with the students as co-authors. The 2013 group of BASS students produced some excellent research results that contributed meaningfully to the overall projects of their advisors.  We wish them the best of luck and hope to see them again at NCPA as graduate student researchers!”