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National Center for Physical Acoustics
University of Mississippi

NCPA Aeroacoustics Awarded $1M ONR Program

aero-150x150Dr. Nathan Murray and the NCPA Aeroacoustics Group, in collaboration with The University of Texas at Austin (Dr. Charles Tinney), The University of Auburn (Dr. Brian Thurow), and Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc. (Mr. Neeraj Sinha and Dr. Praveen Panickar), have been awarded a $1M grant under the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Jet Noise Reduction (JNR) program.

This award marks a significant achievement for NCPA Aeroacoustics in the wake of the loss of Dr. John M. Seiner whose tireless efforts resulted in the facilities and capabilities being developed at the NCPA which have made this ONR-JNR program possible.  This new collaborative effort will combine MHz Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) with both near- and far-field microphone arrays to yield detailed insight into the aeroacoustics of heated, shock-containing jets.  The experimental measurement of the evolution of noise producing events in the jet flow will lead to enhanced computational modeling of these complex flows thereby enabling future efforts in jet noise reduction.